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Special Collection: Modern Multiples

Modern Multiples was founded by Richard Duardo, who was a pivotal figure in the Chicano art community in Los Angeles. Afte working with Self Help Graphics during it's earliest years, Duardo was a co-founder in the late 1970s of the Centro de Arte Público, a highly political arts collective in Highland Park.

He then went on to found Modern Multiples, a fine art printmaking studio in East Los Angeles specializing in serigraphs and digital prints. The studio went on to work with numerous world-famous artists such as including David Hockney, Keith Haring and Banksy. But, more important for the local arts community, was his support for young artists, especially in the Chicano community.

After Richard Duardo's death in 2014, Modern Multiples continues to operate under the direction of his sister, Lisa Duardo.

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