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Special Collection: Self Help Graphics

Self Help Graphics was founded in a garage in Boyle Heights in 1970 with the mission to develop and nurture Latino artists in printmaking. From that simple start Founders Sister Karen Boccalero, Carlos Bueno, Antonio Ibañez and Frank Hernandez began an artistic revolution in East Los Angeles. Over the years it grew into one of the primary centers of the Chicano Art movement. It's primary focus has been on training and giving exposure to young and new artists, many of whom have gone on to national and international prominence.

The prints shown here reflect the core principals that have made the organization such a strong force in East Los Angeles: self-expression, spirituality, and social consciousness. The image below represents several of the most common themes of work from this period. The colors and culture of the Latino community, combined with a strong social message. Read the complete article from Journal of the Print World...

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 Self Help Graphics Screen prints by Chicano artist El Mac

El Mac

serigraph by Chicana artist Judithe Hernandez

Judithe Hernandez

 Serigraph by Chicano artist John Valdez

John Valdez

 Serigraph by Chicano artist John Valdez

Ricardo Estrada

 Serigraph by Chicano artist John Valdez

Lysa Flores

Original works of art by exceptional contemporary printmakers.