Voyage a u centre de la bibliothèque

Voyage a u centre de la bibliothèque

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By: Erik Desmazières

Notes:  The catalogue Voyage au centre de la bibliothèque accompanied an exhibition in 2012 of the work by Erik Desmazières, at the Bibliothèque Nationale de France (BnF). Through a selection of prints, preparatory drawings and paintings, the artist delivers an exceptional vision of the national library as it was redeEdition: Signed by the architect Henri Labrouste in the 19th century.

Erik Desmazières has long been inspired by libraries, be they real or imaginary. Also attracted by architecture, the artist could only be fascinated by the National Library, expanded and renovated by Henri Labrouste under the second Empire. Inspired by the iron and glass architecture, he faithfully recreates the proportions of the majestic room while also conveying the atmosphere of a cozy place, full of silent readers. 

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