Ewa Kutylak


Ewa Kutylak

Kutylak's work had been exhibited throughout Europe for the past 10 years, and her prints are included in numerous museum collections in Italy, Poland and Yugoslavia. She regularly takes commissions from private collectors who want their own ex libris print designed. Please contact the gallery if you'd be interested in having your own print created. 

"The central theme of my works is man and his inner world. I use numerous religious, mythological and historical symbols (Noah, Jonas, Jacob, Sisyphus, Orpheus). Works are dreamlike, oneiric and have a disturbing and unrealistic climate. Permanent symbols such as dogs, dragons and fantastic creatures often appear. The idea of a tower is important for me and it often returns. This is a symbol of the soul, which renders the mysteries of the immaterial world.

The prints correspond with each other, they complement each other creating the endless story. The viewer can search for connections, threads, symbols and literary references which bind the works together. "

- Ewa Kutylak