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Trickle Down by Art Hazelwood

Trickle Down

By: Art Hazelwood

Medium: linocut
Year: 2005
Edition of 20
Image Size: 18 x 7 inches

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About the Artist

Art Hazelwood

Though this print was competed in 2005, its message seems to be more relevant today than when it was first created.

Art Hazelwood calls himself artist, instigator and impresario to define the three intertwining areas of his practice. He uses printmaking within a range of political allegory and satire making work from political posters to fine press edition artist books. He has curated and organized a range of exhibitions at venues from museums to immigrant centers. He has worked for over 20 years with homeless rights groups; creating prints, and street posters, and has authored one book and contributed to another on art and homelessness.

He has been a regular visiting guest artist at San Quentin State Prison and teaches currently at the San Francisco Art Institute. He organized the San Francisco Poster Syndicate, which uses public poster printing to address issues ranging from student debt to the death penalty in Pakistan to the rise of fascism in America. Hazelwood’s prints regularly appear in several West Coast street newspapers.

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