The Death of Reuben Salazar

The Death of Reuben Salazar


By Frank Romero

Medium: Serigraph (32 colors)
Year: 1998
Image Size: 32 x 46 inches
Notes: deckled edges, printed to sheet edge

One of three overtly political prints done by Romero. In 1970 there was a march in Los Angeles to demonstrate discontent with the disproportionate number of Chicanos killed in the Vietnam War. The protest was a peaceful one, and there was no indication of an imminent riot until police responded to an alleged theft at a liquor store (which the owners later denied). This liquor store was a few buildings away from the Silver Dollar Bar, where Rubén Salazar, a reporter for the Los Angeles Times covering the demonstration, was having a drink. A police officer fired a tear gas projectile missile into the quiet and mostly empty bar, immediately striking Salazar in the head and killing him on contact. There are speculations to this day about the LAPD targeting Salazar intentionally, due to his investigative journalism on officers planting evidence to falsely implicate Chicano individuals in violent gun crimes.

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