Lunar Calculations

Lunar Calculations


By: Katharine Venturelli

Medium: Intaglio printed on white Rives BFK print paper; construction is three Turkish map folds; hanging option; bound in black linen book cloth; cover has embossed circle on front and back.
Edition:  5/5 v.e.
Year:  2015  ( Ed. began 2012-2016)
Image Size: Closed: 6 1/2”x 6 1/2”x7/8”,  Open: 12”x9”x14” approx.
Notes: “Lunar Calculations” is a book which opens up into a three dimensional celestial map. My etched imagery printed on the interiors and exteriors of the pop out pages are lunar phases and mathematical symbols which are archetypal symbols that I have utilized in my on-going work.  The symbolic images become the 'text'. The book can be displayed by hanging it from the ceiling, on a wall, or sit on a stand. 

I selected the Turkish map fold/pop out format for two reasons. One, it enables the lunar and mathematical imagery to be viewed as if it were a celestial map, and two, the pop-out structure element captures and recreates the excitement of infinite possibilities.

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