Raul Carrazco

Raul studied at Digital Business and Design College in South El Monte. He Currently works as the artist and designer for Ozomatli, a Los Angeles band.

About the print:
In 1965 in Denver, Rodolfo Corky Gonzales established the first Mexican-American civil rights organization, the “Crusade for Justice”. Four years later in March 1969, the crusade for Justice sponsored the national Chicano Youth Liberation Conference, seeking to provide direction and unity to the diverse Mexican-American activism of the 60s. 

The conference brought to light how cultural colonialism had caused many successful and educated Mexican-Americans to distance themselves from the community from which they emerged, and how it was also the reason Mexican-Americans did not feel proud of their history and culture.

The conference attendees outlined a strategy to develop an identity that more completely represented the Mexican-American experience.

Based on this discussion conference leaders drafted a document called the Spiritual Plan of Azatlan. Conference leaders encouraged civil rights activists to use cultural nationalism as a tool to unite Mexican-Americans across religious, political, class, and economic factors.